the VAMOOSE elevating roof - a design classic

Sleek and aerodynamic, the VAMOOSE ELEVATING ROOF hugs the existing contours of your Volkswagen T4, T5 or T6, its unique built-in rear spoiler ensuring less drag and improved fuel economy.

Its ease of use and unrivalled design have established it as a market leader - often imitated but never equalled.

unique features and outstanding service


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An elevating roof or pop top, is a system where the roof of a standard van is able to be raised, therefore giving standing room for the occupants or, with the addition of our deluxe bed, giving extra sleeping accommodation for up to 2 adults. (You can see the VAMOOSE ELEVATING ROOF in action at the top of the page.)

A VAMOOSE ELEVATING ROOF is sleek and aerodynamic, it hugs the existing contours of your Volkswagen T4, T5 or T6 and with its built in rear spoiler gives less drag and so improves fuel economy.

A VAMOOSE ELEVATING ROOF is constructed from high quality GRP. A welded aluminium frame is then bonded in place before a second skin is added giving tremendous strength!!!

Standing on top of the Vamoose Roof

Don't try this on any other brand of elevating roof!

A VAMOOSE ELEVATING ROOF is constructed using marine quality stainless steel hinges and fixings and a fully anodised extruded aluminium strengthening frame.

A VAMOOSE ELEVATING ROOF has sides made from a premium quality extra lightweight material. The material is fully waterproof, fire resistant, UV resistant, tear proof and will never require additional treatment.

A VAMOOSE ELEVATING ROOF can be erected in a matter of seconds thanks to the extra heavy duty nitrogen filled gas springs which raise the roof with minimum effort.

Click here to see a video of how easy it is!

A VAMOOSE ELEVATING ROOF has been designed so a roof rack can easily be added if required. For the more adventurous we can also supply one of our VAMOOSE RAX, our own system for carrying canoes, kayaks, surfboards etc; this will not impede the roof's performance (see price list).

A Vamoose Elevating Roof comes in VW Graussweiss White or Candy White as standard to match your white van perfectly, or we can colour code your roof to any colour including metallics.

A VAMOOSE ELEVATING ROOF is designed, manufactured and installed by ourselves so we are able to offer you the customer a true premium product at a very competitive price.

We open at 8am; on your day of fitting, if you arrive before 9am we will fit your roof the same day. Usually, completion is on or before 5pm.

When you drop off your van, if you are waiting for a same day fit, we will take you to a local attraction and collect you when your van is complete. Or, if you are leaving your van with us, we will gladly take you to the nearest train station and pick you up when you return.



Setting up the Vamoose elevating Roof - video screengrabs

The VAMOOSE ELEVATING ROOF is designed with ease of use in mind.

Why not look at our video demonstration to see how simple it is?


Installing the Vamoose elevating Roof - video screengrabs

Your VAMOOSE ELEVATING ROOF is installed by our experienced team on our premises. Only VAMOOSE install the elevating roof - so you know that everything will be done to the highest of standards.

See video of us installing a roof.

the exclusive VAMOOSE RAX

We know that roof racks can be essential so the VAMOOSE ELEVATING ROOF can be fitted with one if necessary - and for the adventurous we can also supply the VAMOOSE RAX, our own system for carrying canoes, kayaks, surfboards etc.

And as you'd expect from VAMOOSE, the VAMOOSE RAX is carefully designed so that it won't impede the roof's performance.

Vamoose Rax

vamoose POP VENT 350

Vamoose Combi Vent

The VAMOOSE Pop Vent 350 provides additional ventillation on demand by venting or drawing air at 350m3/hr.

Carefully engineered to compliment the design of your van, the Pop Vent 350 is fully speed adjustable and sleek in design.

Especially suitable for pet owners.

VAMOOSE Combi Rail

Vamoose Combi Rail

The VAMOOSE Combi Rail allows any industry-standard freestanding awning to be attached safely and securely to your camper van.

In addition it will also divert rainwater from the sides of doors via the extruded aluminium profile and moulded windscreen finial.